Stuffing, Beyond Thanksgiving

I created a rice stuffing dish for Thanksgiving last Thursday. It turned out excellent, if I may say so myself. So full of flavor.

This dish is good any time of year as a standalone or a side. I use brown rice and plenty of ground carrots, so it’s high in nutrient density.

If you’re vegetarian, simply leave out the sausage.


3 cups water
1.5 cups brown rice
4 large carrots, or 6 medium carrots, grounded in a food processor
1 small onion, chopped
2 sausages, crumbled out of the casing
1 pack oyster mushrooms, chopped
soy sauce to taste
1/4 cup almonds, grounded by mortar and pestle or food processor or spice grinder

Bring 3 cups of water to a boil in a pot with 1 tbsp olive oil. Drop in the rice and cook with a cover until fluffy and tender (about 15-20 min.). Leave the cover slightly ajar so steam can escape.

When the rice is about halfway done cooking, pour olive oil into a large pan and add the carrots, onion and sausage crumbles. Cook with a cover.

When the rice is ready, add it to the ingredients in the pan, then stir in the mushrooms, soy sauce and almonds.