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Papaya Harvest

Our gardener planted papaya seeds that have grown into a tall and healthy tree in less than a year. The tree has begun to yield lots of fruit. So much fruit, in fact, that I can practically walk out every day and pick a papaya off the tree to eat. I look out daily for ripe ones. (I want to harvest them before the bats get at them.) Some days, I can pick off several.

Papayas are full of Vitamins A and C. I’ve been eating them for breakfast lately for nutrition.

Our gardener planted more papaya seeds around the garden in the last few months. They’ve already started sprouting.

Green papayas are also edible, by the way. I use them to make salads.

We also have coconut trees in our garden. We harvest them about once a year. My favorite is our “dwarf” coconut tree, which yields golden-colored fruit.