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Jing Fang Restaurant, Suva, Fiji

On Boxing Day, we went to the Garden City plaza in Suva to try a pho place. It turned out to be closed for the holiday, but next door was a Chinese restaurant called Jing Fang, where we decided to eat lunch.

The menu has plenty of options. We got three dishes: a cabbage, carrot and wood-ear mushroom dish for veg; mapo tofu; and stir-fried chicken. Everything was delicious, and the food came out quickly.

The mapo tofu and chicken dish had the classic lingering, zinging (not stinging) heat of Szechuan cuisine; it’s a slow burn, eased with a coating of oil, that buzzes your lips and tongue, as opposed to a shocking hit of spice. I liked the batter on the chicken; I’m guessing it was a light coating of cornstarch that gave the chicken a crunchy texture on the outside.

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