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Life Lessons with: Papaya

I collected and dried out more papaya seeds for our gardener to plant several months ago, and the saplings are coming up. It’s a wonder to see: a visual reminder of natural growth.

This morning, I noticed one sapling in particular. Our gardener had moved it to a new location on my request.

He told me it would be 50/50 whether the plant would live or die in its new location.

Soon after the plant was relocated, it didn’t look like it was doing so well. The leaves started browning and died off.

But that wasn’t the end of the plant.

Eventually, new leaves began to grow. They were small at first, like most things are at their beginnings. They’re getting larger with the fundamental inputs of sunlight, air, soil, rainwater, and time.

And the tree will get taller and yield more leaves. Then, fruit will start growing.

People are like that, too. We enter new situations because change is a part of life. The novelty can be jarring, and the stress can get to us, making us unwell. But we have the ability to root ourselves anew and grow where we are in the moment.

This is my wish for you as this year transitions into the next: May you take the time to see where you’re at during this moment in your life, notice and appreciate your growth, and be open to the beauty that surrounds you.

Happy new year.