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Virtual Travel: Leleuvia Island Resort, Fiji

We stayed at Leleuvia, an island resort off Vanua Levu, over the weekend. This eco lodge was one of the settings for Eco-Challenge Fiji. It’s surrounded by stunning water. On a clear day, the ocean shows off its gorgeous colors. We got lucky with a dolphin encounter; a pod came and swam beside the boat when we went out for a dive and snorkel.

The resort has planted a coral nursery around the dock, and the growth is impressive. Healthy corals are growing, and there are large fish swimming around, plus baby fish. The resort has also cultivated giant clams–beautiful and unique creatures I’ve never seen before.

A tip: Most bures at Leleuvia do not have a bathroom. If you book one of those, you can use the shared toilet and shower facilities. There are a few bures with en suite bathroom.

Watch the video on YouTube.