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Postcard from: Waidroka Bay, Fiji

We went to another yoga retreat at Waidroka Bay Resort this past weekend. After a morning session of yoga and brunch, I took out a kayak.

Both dogs get excited and love to jump on watercraft when they see us on them. It’s fun having them on a kayak, but it’s also challenging.

Guthrie isn’t much of a water dog, but he doesn’t want to be left behind. He starts whining when he thinks we’ve been on the water too long (which isn’t that long at all, really). Jolene likes the water, and she’s very curious; so curious that she fell off because she sniffed too close to the water. We were near shore when she fell in, and she swam to land, where I picked her up so we could set off again.

Both dogs move around a lot on the kayak, and it can be difficult to steer, but despite all the shifting, I enjoyed paddling for about 2 hrs. along the coast. The water was relatively calm, and the physical movement and sightseeing were relaxing. I came ashore at a good time–right before a summer storm.