Pork and Spinach Dumplings

pork dumplings with spinach

Pork is my favorite filling when I make dumplings at home. Usually, I mix in carrot pulp leftover from juicing to add nutritional density to the dish, but this time I used spinach because I had some leftover from another weeknight meal.


1 pack ground pork
1/2-1 cup frozen spinach, thawed
fish sauce to taste (I recommend several dashes to pump up umami)
1 pack wonton wrappers
soy sauce to taste

Hand mix the pork, spinach and fish sauce. Fill each wrapper, making sure you’re able to seal the top of the wrapper when filled.

Fry with a cover in a large pan with a shallow pool of canola or vegetable oil. The cover will enable a steam-fry effect to thoroughly cook the dumplings.

Serve with soy sauce for dipping.