Press Play: In My Time – Full Album

ATB home studio Fiji

I’ve finally done it. I’ve created my first album. It’s a collection of acoustic guitar instrumentals that I composed here in Fiji.

I’m grateful to have a home studio that gives me the space, peace and quiet to create, and I’m grateful to have the time to create, after I shifted my priorities.

Hope you enjoy these lovely tunes.

In My Time (full album) by Aileen Torres-Bennett

Track List:

Bird on a Wire
In My Time (2:33)
Stained Glass (4:23)
Eggs Over Easy (5:22)
Stepping Out (6:16)
Another Round (9:59)
Christmas Jig (12:09)
Coming Up (13:55)
Climbing (15:21)
Dawn of the Evening (18:52)
Before Slumber (19:59)
Odd One Out (22:23)