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Postcard: El Nido, Philippines

This is a throwback to a 2016 trip to the Philippines. For part of the trip, we spent a few days in El Nido, a small city on the island of Palawan.

I had never been outside of Manila before then, and I was impressed by the beauty of El Nido.

I was also surprised by how popular the place had become. What used to be a sleepy beach town had become so sought after by travelers, particularly backpackers, that the town had run out of rooms for visitors when we arrived (we had booked a room at the comfortable and stylish Sea Cocoon Hotel beforehand, so we had a place to stay). A basketball court was designated for the “excess population” to bed for the night.

The town was bustling, but it was still breathable and enjoyable for walking around.

We kayaked and standup paddleboarded around the mountainous formations jutting out from the ocean along the coast. We also went diving.

I love the photo above because it captures the beauty of El Nido at sunset: the lovely outrigger fleet resting on the water’s surface with the look of water striders, and the majestic mountains and cliffs in the background, illuminated by the hazy, golden glow of sunset.