Food Truck: Pizza Lab

Undaunted by the latest lockdowns and curfews in Suva, a new food truck has opened for business by a gas station on Ratu Mara Road. [Note: The food truck has since moved to Kundan Singh Plaza on Princes Road.]

Now, you might be saying to yourself: A food truck by a gas station…can it be any good?!

Yes. Yes, it can.

Pizza Lab is owned by the owners of the successful Kundan Singh grocery chain. We were excited to try their offerings once we saw that they opened up a few weeks ago.

The truck looks like a sleek Airstream trailer, and it features a gray-blue-domed oven on one side. The food comes relatively quickly after you order (granted, there wasn’t a line when we ordered).

We got a tandoori chicken pizza, a vegetarian pizza and an alfredo pasta to go. The pizzas have a light crust that’s crackly on the edge. The alfredo pasta was creamy and full of umami.

We’ll be back for more at the Pizza Lab the next time we’re hankering for takeout.

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