Try This Home-Made Mocha Latte

We make French press coffee every weekend. Last Saturday, it was extra special with the addition of about 2 tbsp. of cocoa nibs that had been soaked to make our latest batch of tasty home-brewed stout. The nibs give the coffee an earthy, bold mocha twist.

You don’t have to use stout-infused cocoa nibs, of course. You can use a regular pack of cocoa nibs. You can also use cocoa powder. (Here’s how to make cocoa powder at home using cocoa fruit.)

I added a dash of turmeric and cinnamon to my cup of coffee for health and taste. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, and cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar while adding subtle sweetness.

I also poured in some soy milk for a latte-style drink.

(By the way, you’ll notice from the photo above that I drink my coffee with a straw; that’s a trick I use to prevent caffeine stains on my teeth.)

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