Watch: The Legend of Baron To’a

If you’re looking for a good indie action comedy, I highly recommend “The Legend of Baron To’a.” It’s ostensibly about a niche ethnic group–Tongans–but the movie has universal resonance. The dry and witty sense of humor is hilarious, and there’s a good twist at the end.

The movie follows the classic arc of the hero’s journey: A young man returns to his childhood home, a Tongan enclave with a bad reputation, and he works through the process of bridging the worlds of his past, present and future. He is the son of a late legendary wrestler, but he has his sights set on big things beyond wrestling. He comes home intending to convince his uncle to sell their property so he can use the money to invest in his business, but when his father’s championship belt is stolen when he arrives, he seeks out who stole it and how to retrieve it.

Those of you who watch the hit new TV series “Young Rock” will recognize Uli Latukefu in the starring role of the film, as well as John Tui, who plays his father in the movie.

I have to warn you that this film has very violent scenes (it features excellent fight choreography for those who are into MMA), but the story is ultimately sweet and life affirming.

This movie deserves a bigger audience. The script is flawless, and so is the acting. Go watch this film! (FYI: It’s included in a basic Hulu subscription.)

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