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Shrimp Rice Rolls

I used rice wrappers for the first time, and I was impressed with the results. I envisioned a Vietnamese-style fresh roll filled with shrimp and veg, and I love how it turned out: delicious, light, healthy and full of freshness.

For the filling: saute some shrimp, boil and drain vermicelli or soba noodles, and shred some carrot and cucumber.

We also snipped parsley and mint from our garden to add herbs.

Each rice wrapper is thin, so I used three sheets to wrap a single roll. The wrappers are brittle from the package, but they soften in just seconds when dipped in water.

Stack 3 wrappers on a plate, spoon on the filling, then roll.

Serve with oyster sauce for dipping.

I can’t get enough of these fresh wraps. They’ve become a new favorite.