Meditations: 2021

I jot certain thoughts down on occasion, and I’d like to share a small collection of the ones that have been important to me in the past year. They are helpful to me as I re-read them. Perhaps they can be helpful to you, too.

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season as 2021 draws to a close and 2022 is about to begin. A new year is always full of promise, as is each and every day.

Herewith, my meditations from 2021 (in no particular order):

-Remember that each day is unique.

-You have to make commitments of your choosing and know when to pause, sidestep, detour or stop to get perspective or keep things interesting–to continue evolving.

-If you want to stop doing something, stop doing it.

-If you want to start doing something, start doing it.

-If you feel the weight of the past, throw off the yoke.

-Perception of lack weighs you down. Perception of space grounds you.

-Every transition entails a loss: loss of old places, people, routines. A transition clears the space. Don’t resist. Absorb and see the advantage.

-It is important to know how to fight. It is equally important to choose your battles wisely.

-Anxiety is the noise above the bedrock.

-We are in a battle every day against our lesser self. (Heard this one from Tim Ferriss.)

-There are times to talk, and times to be quiet. Sometimes all you need is to wake up and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

-Goal: to transform sensitivity to awareness with detachment; a bird’s eye view.

-Some days, all you need is peaceful silence, a good book and a little workout.

-Suffering is part of adventure.

-Pain can be the first step toward discovery.

-A strong warrior is not easily rattled.

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