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Vegetarian Takeout from Downtown Suva

We went downtown to get our speargun fixed for an upcoming trip in Fiji, and we picked up some good vegetarian takeout while we were there.

On the other end of the block across from the cinema, there’s a food court on the second level. It’s stocked with stalls that offer pretty much the same items: fish and chips, chicken and chips and Chinese fast food. After doing a quick lap around the food court, we settled on the Indian vegetarian stall at the top of the stairs, to the left.

If you’re ever in downtown Suva and you’re looking for vegetarian fare, I recommend stopping by this stall. You can’t go wrong with getting a stack of roti and a couple servings of jackfruit. We also got an order of potatoes with peas and a paratha stuffed with what seemed to be ground up chickpeas (a clever idea). The food hit the spot when we tucked in for lunch at home. (You’ll notice in the photo below that I added a bit of chicken to the potatoes and peas; we had some curry chicken leftovers, and they mixed well with the takeout.)

One thing I particularly like about the food from this stall is that it isn’t swimming in ghee, unlike the usual Indian cuisine in Suva. I’m not against ghee–it’s a staple of Indian cuisine, and it does make food taste good–but too much of it can clog your arteries.

If you want to try making an easy vegetarian curry at home that doesn’t require ghee, check out my recipe.