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Pineapple Harvest

  • pineapple in the garden Fiji
  • pineapple in garden Fiji
  • pineapple in garden Fiji
  • pineapple from the garden Fiji

Our gardener planted pineapples in our yard about two years ago, and the first fruit finally appeared a few months ago.

It turns out it’s pretty easy to plant pineapple: You simply take the green top and stick it in the ground.

We practice low-key gardening: no fertilizers; just a reliance on nature’s basics: native soil, sun and rain.

We harvested our first pineapple over the weekend. The pineapple had started to turn yellow, indicating it was ready to pick. The size of the pineapple is on the small side, but that doesn’t take away from the satisfying feeling of picking fruit from your own garden.

I’m looking forward to seeing more pineapples come up.

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