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Melbourne Slideshow: Food

  • oysters Victoria Market Melbourne
  • coffee bar at Flinders St railway station Melbourne
  • Poolhouse Coffee cafe Melbourne
  • McIver's coffee Melbourne
  • MoVida Aqui red wine Melbourne
  • foie gras pumpkin calamari sandwich MoVida Aqui Melbourne
  • fish MoVida Aqui Melbourne
  • beef cheek MoVida Aqui Melbourne
  • crocodile skewers The Crafty Squire Melbourne
  • Udon Izakaya Maedaya Melbourne
  • display menu Udon Izakaya Maedaya Melbourne
  • karaage Udon Izakaya Maedaya Melbourne
  • wagyu bao Udon Izakaya Maedaya Melbourne
  • oysters Punch Lane Melbourne
  • burrata Punch Lane Melbourne
  • duck breast and cod with mussels Punch Lane Melbourne
  • green tea matcha KitKat
  • peanut butter porter Bad Shepherd Brewing Co
  • chicken parm Limerick Arms Melbourne

There are plenty of excellent places to eat in Melbourne, ranging from casual to upscale fare. This slideshow highlights the best eateries, cafes and bars that we experienced in the Central Business District.

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