Reren Lamen & Bar, D.C.

Reren Lamen & Bar is a modern noodle spot on the top floor of a rowhouse on Wisconsin Ave, off the main drag in Georgetown. It’s a good place for lunch or dinner if you have a hankering for soup.

I ordered the house ramen, which comes with pork belly. The broth was tasty, with just the right amount of salt. Reren uses fresh noodles, and the pork belly was tender, with the fat of melting quality. I added a few small scoopfuls of chili crisp oil from the jar on the table to give the ramen a little heat.

We also got “grandma style pancakes” and chicken dumplings. The chicken dumplings were on the bland side (they could’ve used some soy sauce in the stuffing), but I really liked the pancakes. They looked like a Chinese taco filled with what seemed to be brisket shavings. The meat, including the cartilage, was tender. I’d definitely order those again.