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A Stroll Through Downtown Suva as COVID Restrictions Ease

We strolled through downtown Suva last weekend with our dogs. It had been a while. We hadn't done it, really, since before the city went into lockdown in March 2021 at the start of the big COVID outbreak. I felt a bit socially awkward because I'm not used to having a lot of people around… Continue reading A Stroll Through Downtown Suva as COVID Restrictions Ease

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The Final Year in Fiji

We've been living in Fiji for a little more than three years, and we've entered our last year in the country. It's an odd time: looking toward the next thing, while trying to remain present as we continue to live here. I feel a restlessness that I haven't felt for a while. It's part of… Continue reading The Final Year in Fiji

Hagia Sophia ATB
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Postcard: Istanbul

The Hagia Sophia (Illustration by Aileen Torres-Bennett) I took my first big trip by myself just before my 25th birthday. It was a trip to Turkey. I was living in New York City at the time, and I had friends who were well traveled. They inspired me to get out and explore the world. I… Continue reading Postcard: Istanbul

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Postcard: Vancouver Island

When we lived in Vancouver, we embarked on a few weekend getaways to Vancouver Island. We would take a spacious ferry across the Georgia Strait, then drive to a house rental on the shore. The first time we arrived at this house, it was in the dark of night. The front gate was obscured from… Continue reading Postcard: Vancouver Island