Reren Lamen and Bar DC

Reren Lamen & Bar, D.C.

Reren Lamen & Bar is a modern noodle spot on the top floor of a rowhouse on Wisconsin Ave, off the main drag in Georgetown. It's a good place for lunch or dinner if you have a hankering for soup. I ordered the house ramen, which comes with pork belly. The broth was tasty, with… Continue reading Reren Lamen & Bar, D.C.


Thunder Burger & Bar, D.C.

We were looking around for happy hours to check out in our neighborhood, and we decided to try Thunder Burger & Bar in Georgetown. The happy hour there is Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. We got there pretty early (before 5 p.m.), which worked out well because there were only a few… Continue reading Thunder Burger & Bar, D.C.

Blue Turtle Gin Fiji

Blue Turtle Fiji Gin

The Distillery Co. Fiji is a new craft distillery in Fiji, based in Pacific Harbour. It currently sells gin and vodka. I'm partial to the Blue Turtle Gin. The botanicals are intensely aromatic. It's a pleasure to sip. I pour myself a finger, add ice and some fresh mint leaves, and enjoy the aroma and… Continue reading Blue Turtle Fiji Gin

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Chili-Infused White Rum

I was introduced to chili-infused rum at The Rhum-Ba restaurant in Nadi, a tourist town in Fiji. I instantly liked it. We bought a bottle of local white rum when we returned from Singapore, and I made my own concoction at home. It's simple: Just pour a finger or two of rum in a glass,… Continue reading Chili-Infused White Rum


Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery, Vancouver, Canada

Continuing our growler-fill search, hubby and I went to Big Rock Urban Brewery, situated on a side street lined with industrial buildings on the edge of a well-developed neighborhood. Big Rock is in a large space that houses an eatery, bar room, storefront and distillery. The décor is a touch modern hunting lodge, and there's an… Continue reading Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery, Vancouver, Canada