Fresh coconut milk and rourou for palusami.
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Video: Fijian Lovo

  Giving you a remix, folks. We celebrated American Thanksgiving in Fiji in November 2019. I did a previous post about it, but I wasn't satisfied with the look of the gallery, so I made a video slideshow to better illustrate the lovo. For a higher resolution version, go to my YouTube page.

Food for the lovo.
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Photo Essay: Thanksgiving Lovo in Fiji

Click on the first photo to open gallery. We spent the American holiday of Thanksgiving in Fiji and had a lovo to celebrate. Lovo is a Fijian smoking technique that entails digging a shallow hole in the dirt and laying down stones, firewood, large leaves (including palm fronds), rice/flour sacks and dirt in layers. The… Continue reading Photo Essay: Thanksgiving Lovo in Fiji