Drink This Beer: Lion Stout

We found the Sri Lankan Lion Stout last weekend at our local supermarket, and I'm thrilled that this beer has made its way into Fiji. The beer here tends to be low alcohol. My guess is that's the case because the government frowns upon heavy drinking. There is a heavy sin tax on hard liquor.… Continue reading Drink This Beer: Lion Stout

Brew Shop Arlington VA
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The Brew Shop, Arlington, Virginia

We got into craft beer when we lived in Vancouver. When we moved to the Courthouse area of Arlington, Virginia after Vancouver, we got to continue our interest at The Brew Shop, a neighborhood store that sells craft beer and beer brewing supplies. This independent shop is locally owned and supports local breweries. We bought… Continue reading The Brew Shop, Arlington, Virginia


Upcycling: Beer Bottles into Vases

Creativity is possible every day. I like to find alternative uses for things that are typically tossed. Vonu beer is the first Fijian beer we've tried on the island. I love the design of the bottle. It's a classic brown bottle with a white sea turtle logo. The contrast between the brown and the white… Continue reading Upcycling: Beer Bottles into Vases


Beer Bread, Part 2

Beer bread is something you don't make just once. It begs itself to be made again and again. And why not? It's a lot of fun to make. It's really only two basic ingredients: flour and beer. The rest, you can take your imagination and run with it. For my latest batch, I took it… Continue reading Beer Bread, Part 2

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Storm Microbrewery, Vancouver, Canada

We bought a growler soon after we arrived in Vancouver at Green Leaf Brewing Co. in North Van. Now, we're having fun looking for microbreweries around the city to fill 'er up. My husband found out about Storm, a microbrewery in a neighborhood-in-transition, as I shall call it. Established in 1994, Storm boasts the title of… Continue reading Storm Microbrewery, Vancouver, Canada