salmon veggie cream cheese

Cream Cheese 2 Ways: Veg and Salmon

Hubby has started making bagels from scratch. They were a success from the first batch: perfect glaze on the crust and chewy texture inside. Cream cheese goes splendidly with bagels, and he had the idea to enhance the cream cheese with veggie and salmon. We diced carrot and celery, then mixed them into half the… Continue reading Cream Cheese 2 Ways: Veg and Salmon

Bacon potato lettuce frittata

Frittata with Bacon, Potato and Lettuce

Frittatas are good to make for weekend brunch, when you have more time to do prep. Feel free to get creative. The basics are a lot of eggs and some dairy. Other than that, let your palate guide you. Ingredients: 2 medium potatoes, chopped into cubes 4-6 bacon slices, chopped 1-3 stalks lettuce, chopped 10… Continue reading Frittata with Bacon, Potato and Lettuce


Roast Potatoes with Mushrooms

I've rediscovered potatoes. They're versatile, able to be the main event or the side dish. They can have various textures, and they absorb flavor well. This dish is good for brunch or lunch, or as a side dish for dinner. Celery and tomatoes give it pops of color and freshness, and mushrooms add textural variety… Continue reading Roast Potatoes with Mushrooms


Corned Beef and Bacon Hash

I can't take credit for this; this is hubby's idea. And a great idea it is. We had a can of corned beef that had been sitting in the pantry for several months, and he incorporated it into a roasted potato dish. The bacon enhances the flavor, and the eggs make it perfect for a… Continue reading Corned Beef and Bacon Hash


Brunch: Eggs and Bacon on Quinoa

Greetings from Fiji! We will be based here for a few years. Plenty of adventure awaits. That's not to say that moving internationally is all roses. I was certainly excited to move here, but, as always, there is an adjustment period. Excitement mingles with irritation as we start to settle in. There are a lot… Continue reading Brunch: Eggs and Bacon on Quinoa