chicken and shrimp dumplings
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Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings

These turned out pretty well, I must say. A nice treat during a weeknight. I packed in a lot of veg by using carrot pulp, and I used chives from our home garden. Ingredients: 1 pack ground chicken7 medium-size shrimp, peeled1 cup carrot pulp1 tbsp. sliced chivesfish sauce to taste (be generous with your dashes… Continue reading Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings

smoked chicken alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo with Smoked Chicken

We order smoked whole chickens from a local butcher from time to time. They're great to have around because they're versatile--you can use them in sandwiches, wraps, salads, etc. They're also quick and easy toppings for pasta and rice dishes. I chopped up some smoked chicken for an alfredo for dinner last night. The chicken… Continue reading Fettuccine Alfredo with Smoked Chicken


Carrots, Pollock, and Feta

Here's a quick, easy and nutritious recipe. A nice lunch, if you've got a little time. Ingredients: half a small bag of baby carrots, minced in food processor 2 pollock filets, chopped feta, crumbled (choose desired amount) 2 scallion stalks, chopped salt to taste garlic powder to taste Heat up olive oil in a pan… Continue reading Carrots, Pollock, and Feta