Manasa Waidroka chef
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Waidroka Bay Resort: Chef Manasa

We were back at Waidroka, a surf and dive resort over the weekend. We brought our dogs, Guthrie and Jolene, and we were the only guests. It felt like we were staying at our weekend home. The vibe was chill, as usual, and I had to opportunity to learn more about the house chef, Manasa.… Continue reading Waidroka Bay Resort: Chef Manasa

Bacon potato lettuce frittata

Frittata with Bacon, Potato and Lettuce

Frittatas are good to make for weekend brunch, when you have more time to do prep. Feel free to get creative. The basics are a lot of eggs and some dairy. Other than that, let your palate guide you. Ingredients: 2 medium potatoes, chopped into cubes 4-6 bacon slices, chopped 1-3 stalks lettuce, chopped 10… Continue reading Frittata with Bacon, Potato and Lettuce

Okonomiyaki shrimp chives onion


I've been meaning to master okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese pancake, and I think I've finally got the trick. I relied on intuition, so exact measurements are not forthcoming here, but I can give you the basics of the batter. Ingredients: water flour corn starch soy sauce Okonomiyaki recipes typically call for eggs, but I don't… Continue reading Okonomiyaki

rigatoni with whole tomatoes and toasted garlic

Kitchen Techniques: Toasting Garlic and Salting Pasta Water

I learned an important technique from watching "The Chef Show" Netflix series--how to toast garlic. This is invaluable for pasta dishes. I've never gotten this right before, and watching Roy Choi and Jon Favreau do this on screen really helped me nail this in my own kitchen. The process is simple: mince some garlic cloves… Continue reading Kitchen Techniques: Toasting Garlic and Salting Pasta Water

Chicken pumpkin potato leftover fries

What to Do with Leftover Fries

We recently had leftover fries from takeout, and hubby had the idea to add them last minute to a dish I was baking with chicken and pumpkin and potato chunks. When the dish was close to being cooked, we laid the fries on top to crisp them up. They complement the colors of the dish… Continue reading What to Do with Leftover Fries