Jing Fang mapo tofu
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Jing Fang Restaurant, Suva, Fiji

A review of a Chinese restaurant in Suva's Garden City plaza.

Chai Chef Suva Fiji chicken dumplings

Restaurant Recommendation: Chai Chef, Suva, Fiji

Chai Chef has been around for about a year. It's located in Flagstaff Plaza in Suva, Fiji. It's been on our radar, and we finally tried the food there for the first time after a sunset walk along the seawall. The food we ordered was excellent: chicken dumplings and two dry-noodle dishes topped with beef… Continue reading Restaurant Recommendation: Chai Chef, Suva, Fiji



It's been a while since I made shumai, and I was craving them lately. These dumplings are relatively easy to make at home, and they're impressive to serve. This version is a mix of ground pork and chopped up shrimp. You can ground the shrimp into a paste in a food processor or, for variety… Continue reading Shumai