chorizo paratha

Chorizo Mix and Guacamole on Parathas

Parathas are an Indian flatbread with plenty of ghee to give them a delectable flavor with a somewhat gooey texture. I made up a fusion dish, like an Indian deconstructed burrito, or an Indian flatbread/Mexican pizza. Fun stuff. You can't get crumbly chorizo in Fiji, only the sausage kind, so I blitzed it in the… Continue reading Chorizo Mix and Guacamole on Parathas


Mafalda with Chorizo

We discovered a new pasta type for us the other day: mafalda. It looks like the wavy ends of lasagna. A fun replacement for spaghetti or fettuccine. This is another simple dish that works well for a weeknight. It's an Italian-Mexican mashup that relies heavily on chorizo for flavor and a sprinkling of parmesan to… Continue reading Mafalda with Chorizo


Homemade Chorizo

I love chorizo. When I lived in Park City, Utah, my apartment was diagonal to a Mexican grocery store. I used to walk over there several times a week. My diet comprised very large doses of chorizo, tomato, and quesa fresco tortillas. Good memories. Chorizo involves a lot of spices. Here's a simplified version you… Continue reading Homemade Chorizo