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Annual Coconut Harvest

It's that time of year again: Time to harvest the coconuts in our yard. We have five tall coconut trees that require someone to climb them to take the coconuts down. We harvest them once a year for general maintenance. The yield is much more than we can consume before the coconuts go bad since… Continue reading Annual Coconut Harvest

Golden coconut on tree Fiji
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Golden Coconuts

Did you know that not all coconuts fresh from the tree are green? We have a dwarf coconut tree in our yard. I hadn't partaken of any of its fruits because I was turned off by their golden color. I thought the hue was a sign that the tree is rotting. I was quite wrong.… Continue reading Golden Coconuts

Adventure, Food, garden

Coconut Harvest

We have a delightful garden surrounding our house in Fiji. It has several tall coconut trees. Old coconuts typically fall, especially when the wind shakes the trees, so we asked around for reliable, trustworthy locals who could climb up and do some maintenance. We got word of some young 'uns who fit the bill, and… Continue reading Coconut Harvest