Couscous Mix

This is a light and easy meal that's ideal for lunch or dinner. It's full of nutrients, while also filling you up. Our cherry tomatoes are ripening, and we put them to good use in this dish. Ingredients: 250 g of small couscous pearlsolive oil to taste1 can chickpeas1 cucumber, cut into cubes5 cherry tomatoes,… Continue reading Couscous Mix

couscous with shrimp and bacon

Couscous with Shrimp, Bacon and Veg

I had forgotten how good couscous can be. It's an excellent blank canvas that absorbs flavors very well. I poured a lot of olive oil into this dish because it's full of good fat and adds a peppery note to the dish without weighing down the fluffy texture of the couscous. The green sprig garnishing… Continue reading Couscous with Shrimp, Bacon and Veg