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Try These Florida Beers

As part of our latest trip back to the U.S., we spent a couple weeks in Florida, where we stopped one day at Total Wine, a megastore for all varieties of alcohol. We're home brewers, and we enjoy trying out craft beers. Total Wine has rows and rows of beer offerings, and you can mix… Continue reading Try These Florida Beers

Brew Shop Arlington VA
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The Brew Shop, Arlington, Virginia

We got into craft beer when we lived in Vancouver. When we moved to the Courthouse area of Arlington, Virginia after Vancouver, we got to continue our interest at The Brew Shop, a neighborhood store that sells craft beer and beer brewing supplies. This independent shop is locally owned and supports local breweries. We bought… Continue reading The Brew Shop, Arlington, Virginia


R&B Brewing Co.

R&B Brewing has been in East Van since 1997, and it's expanded in the last year to include the Ale & Pizza House under the same roof. When we visited last summer, the interior of the new space was finished, but it wasn't open yet because the restaurant license hadn't come through at the time.… Continue reading R&B Brewing Co.


Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

You're probably thinking this post is on something Dungeons and Dragons related, but 'tis not the case. Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks is a brewery. It's got a silly name, and with the hipster-noble mission of "Keeping Beer Weird" you'd think they'd be in Austin. But they're well north, in a discreet strip mall off the… Continue reading Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks


Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery, Vancouver, Canada

Continuing our growler-fill search, hubby and I went to Big Rock Urban Brewery, situated on a side street lined with industrial buildings on the edge of a well-developed neighborhood. Big Rock is in a large space that houses an eatery, bar room, storefront and distillery. The décor is a touch modern hunting lodge, and there's an… Continue reading Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery, Vancouver, Canada