green coconut pot Manasa Waidroka cooking class Fiji
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Video: Traditional Fijian Cuisine Waidroka Bay Resort held a two-day "Cooking Masterclass" on traditional Fijian cuisine this past weekend. Head Chef Manasa taught the course, and he conceived an inventive menu with plenty of techniques I'd never encountered before. It was a fun and creative class, and I learned things that I can try at home. Day 1… Continue reading Video: Traditional Fijian Cuisine

Capitano Cafe seafood platter
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Restaurant Recommendation: Capitano Cafe, Lami, Fiji

We were wowed this weekend by Capitano Cafe, a new restaurant in Lami, the next town over from Fiji's capital city, Suva. It's owned by a Fijian from Savusavu, and it serves up classic Fijian cuisine. The location is in an industrial area, so finding the place feels like a discovery; like when we would… Continue reading Restaurant Recommendation: Capitano Cafe, Lami, Fiji


Restaurant: Maya Dhaba, Suva, Fiji

We mostly cook at home, but once in a while we'll go out to eat. Maya Dhaba is an Indian restaurant on our list, located in downtown Suva, Fiji. The space is big; maybe too big. It might serve the business better if they had a more intimate ambience with fewer tables. But when it… Continue reading Restaurant: Maya Dhaba, Suva, Fiji



Enchiladas are basically burritos lain side by side and topped with tomato sauce, cheese and sour cream. What takes them to the next level is finishing them off in the oven. A couple notes about the sour cream if you want to be creative: You can make your own by beating a bit of white… Continue reading Enchiladas


Asian Noodles

I really like Xian noodles for their size, shape and texture. We found a bundle of frozen noodle packets at a local Asian supermarket (T & T) that look like Xian noodles; wide and thick. All they need is a sauce and can be served vegetarian or with a protein such as chicken, beef or… Continue reading Asian Noodles