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Video: Tongan Culture in Fiji

Hubby's colleague invited us this past Saturday for a Tongan cultural tour. She is half-Tongan, half-Fijian, and her family hosted us for a fascinating day that gave us an overview of Tongan heritage in Fiji. We started off at Naroro, a Tongan village in Sigatoka, where we loaded into a van to travel up the… Continue reading Video: Tongan Culture in Fiji

Queens Road Fiji pink house
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Photo Essay: Queens Road, Pacific Harbour to Suva

  Pacific Harbour is the closest beach to Suva, and it's accessible via Queens Road. Hubby took photos on the drive back during a recent trip, and he came up with some beautiful shots that capture slices of life and landscape. All photos were taken with a Canon T7.

FijiFirst banner Samabula
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Photo Essay: Fiji Day

  Fijians celebrate their Independence Day on October 10, which is called Fiji Day. The country became an independent nation in 1970, after having been under British colonial rule since 1874. These photos are slices of life in Fiji's capital city of Suva during Fiji Day 2019. I shot them with my new Canon T7.


City Spotlight: Singapore, Part I–Culture

We traveled in Singapore all last week. It was my first time there, and I was immediately impressed by how modern, clean and cosmopolitan it is. This city-state was fashioned by a benevolent dictator, and the benefits of its brand of social engineering are evident in good public housing and greenery throughout the city. It's… Continue reading City Spotlight: Singapore, Part I–Culture

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Berlin, Part 2: Culture

We stayed for a week in Berlin and, being that the city is rich in history, had no trouble finding cultural sites to visit every day. I'll start here with a rundown of the usual suspects: the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall. The Brandenburg Gate in East Berlin is one of the… Continue reading Berlin, Part 2: Culture