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Dim Sum at Da Hong Pao

I love good dim sum: the social ritual of it wedded to delicious, savory bites. As a graduate student at Columbia in New York City, I would go with a group of friends to Chinatown from time to time for classic dim sum, sitting down in a cavernous space with white tablecloths on large round… Continue reading Dim Sum at Da Hong Pao

chicken and shrimp dumplings
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Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings

These turned out pretty well, I must say. A nice treat during a weeknight. I packed in a lot of veg by using carrot pulp, and I used chives from our home garden. Ingredients: 1 pack ground chicken7 medium-size shrimp, peeled1 cup carrot pulp1 tbsp. sliced chivesfish sauce to taste (be generous with your dashes… Continue reading Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings

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City Spotlight: San Francisco, Take 2

We visited San Francisco again for a few days on our way to our new home in Fiji (more Fiji news in upcoming posts, of course!). I love San Francisco and wanted to return after our wonderful trip there last September. We stayed for about a week last fall, and when we came back to… Continue reading City Spotlight: San Francisco, Take 2