Brew Shop Arlington VA
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The Brew Shop, Arlington, Virginia

We got into craft beer when we lived in Vancouver. When we moved to the Courthouse area of Arlington, Virginia after Vancouver, we got to continue our interest at The Brew Shop, a neighborhood store that sells craft beer and beer brewing supplies. This independent shop is locally owned and supports local breweries. We bought… Continue reading The Brew Shop, Arlington, Virginia

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Chili-Infused White Rum

I was introduced to chili-infused rum at The Rhum-Ba restaurant in Nadi, a tourist town in Fiji. I instantly liked it. We bought a bottle of local white rum when we returned from Singapore, and I made my own concoction at home. It's simple: Just pour a finger or two of rum in a glass,… Continue reading Chili-Infused White Rum

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Coconut Rum Cocktail

We have a stash of coconuts from our harvest, and we drained a few for fresh coconut water and shavings to use in a cocktail. I made the cocktail with a finger or two of white rum, a splash of coconut water and a sprinkling of freshly grated coconut, with lots of ice. The subtle… Continue reading Coconut Rum Cocktail


Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery, Vancouver, Canada

Continuing our growler-fill search, hubby and I went to Big Rock Urban Brewery, situated on a side street lined with industrial buildings on the edge of a well-developed neighborhood. Big Rock is in a large space that houses an eatery, bar room, storefront and distillery. The décor is a touch modern hunting lodge, and there's an… Continue reading Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery, Vancouver, Canada

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Storm Microbrewery, Vancouver, Canada

We bought a growler soon after we arrived in Vancouver at Green Leaf Brewing Co. in North Van. Now, we're having fun looking for microbreweries around the city to fill 'er up. My husband found out about Storm, a microbrewery in a neighborhood-in-transition, as I shall call it. Established in 1994, Storm boasts the title of… Continue reading Storm Microbrewery, Vancouver, Canada