Sassafras Shade Vineyard White Chambourcin

Vino Recommendation: White Chambourcin, Sassafras Shade Vineyard

About five years ago, we drove to Virginia's wine country for a day trip. One of the bottles we brought back traveled with us to Fiji, and we finally opened it over the weekend. I wasn't expecting much because we don't temperature control our stored wines, and the humidity of the tropics has not been… Continue reading Vino Recommendation: White Chambourcin, Sassafras Shade Vineyard

cocoa infused rum

Cocoa-Infused White Rum

When we visited KokoMana, an agri-forestry operation in Savusavu that makes artisinal chocolate, we brought back a bag of cocoa nibs to use for a home-brewed stout. A few days ago, hubby placed most of the nibs package in a cloth bag that Fijians use to hold kava powder when mixing with water. He soaked… Continue reading Cocoa-Infused White Rum

Blue Turtle Gin Fiji

Blue Turtle Fiji Gin

The Distillery Co. Fiji is a new craft distillery in Fiji, based in Pacific Harbour. It currently sells gin and vodka. I'm partial to the Blue Turtle Gin. The botanicals are intensely aromatic. It's a pleasure to sip. I pour myself a finger, add ice and some fresh mint leaves, and enjoy the aroma and… Continue reading Blue Turtle Fiji Gin

Food, garden

Cocktail Time: Mojito

Mojitos are one of my favorite cocktails. They're refreshing and slightly sweet, with a hint of edge. Perfect for sipping on a lazy afternoon, or to wind down in the evening. I use fresh mint from our garden and tamp down on the mint leaves with a straw to release the oils, instead of the… Continue reading Cocktail Time: Mojito

Soursop rum cocktail

Soursop Rum Cocktail

Before we parted from the Tongans last weekend, they sent us off with a beautiful fruit basket that included a large soursop. Soursop is a tropical fruit that I first encountered when we lived in Jamaica. Here, in Fiji, this is the first time that I've eaten the actual fruit. It's juicy and sweet, with… Continue reading Soursop Rum Cocktail