tuna poke

Tuna Poke

Sashimi-grade fish is accessible and affordable in Fiji. We had sashimi-grade tuna in the freezer, and after fully defrosting it, I made poke, one of my favorite treatments for raw fish. The process is simple: Slice the fish into bite-size pieces (I recommend slicing against the grain of the cartilage), drizzle in sesame oil and… Continue reading Tuna Poke

baked emperor fish

Baked Emperor Fish

There are types of fish in Fiji that I've never heard of before, and we make it a point to try them. We recently picked up emperor fish, native to the tropical Pacific, at a local fish shop. The frozen fish was already fileted, so it was easy to work with. I simply coated the… Continue reading Baked Emperor Fish



We discovered my favorite Fijian dish so far: kokoda (pronouned "koh-con-da"). It's a ceviche with local fish. At a restaurant called Eden in Suva, it's made with the fish depicted on the Fijian 5-cent coin. The fish is fileted and cut up, and the pieces are marinated in fresh citrus juice until the acid cooks… Continue reading Kokoda

Adventure, Food

Berlin, Part I: Food

Hallo, readers. I'm back from a week in Berlin, where the weather was cold, and the sky was often gray, except for the occasional lucky days of bright sun. It even snowed. This was the atmosphere I expected from Berlin--moody, to match the character of the city's history. Berlin is now known as a party… Continue reading Berlin, Part I: Food


Fish and Chips–Without the Chips

If you want to make fish and chips without the added heaviness of the chips, here's a quick and easy dinner idea. I substitute the chips with caprese. Ingredients: 1 bag of basa filets 1 cup whole wheat flour salt and pepper (desired amount) 1 egg, beaten seltzer (enough to create a paste-like batter) a… Continue reading Fish and Chips–Without the Chips