kimchi fried rice

Kimchi Fried Rice

Locally made kimchi, by Ou's Treat, has been regularly available at our neighorhood grocery store, and it's made it into our weeknight dinner rotation. This kimchi fried rice is easy to create, with big flavors coming from the kimchi and gochujang. Nutrition bonus: Kimchi and gochujang are fermented foods, which have probiotics that promote good… Continue reading Kimchi Fried Rice

okra fried rice

Okra Fried Rice

This is a simple vegetarian dish that's easy and nutritious for a weeknight. Toasted garlic will impart a lot of flavor to the rice, and the scrambled eggs add a light and fluffy texture to the dish. If you want this vegan style, you can leave out the eggs. Ingredients: 1 cup rice1/2 head of… Continue reading Okra Fried Rice


Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng is Indonesian fried rice. It's typically cooked with chicken and seafood, usually shrimp. My husband and I like to mix chicken with brown rice and serve it with lobster and lime on the side. We also like to fry up shrimp chips for fun to go with the dish. Ingredients: 1.25 cups brown… Continue reading Nasi Goreng