The Fat Badger, Vancouver, Canada

The Fat Badger gastropub is a favorite of mine. One, because I'm lazy (it's just up the street). Two, because the food is good. And three, because the mascot is a pudgy badger wearing a three-piece suit with a top hat and monocle and holding what I can only assume is a frosty alcoholic beverage.… Continue reading The Fat Badger, Vancouver, Canada


Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery, Vancouver, Canada

Continuing our growler-fill search, hubby and I went to Big Rock Urban Brewery, situated on a side street lined with industrial buildings on the edge of a well-developed neighborhood. Big Rock is in a large space that houses an eatery, bar room, storefront and distillery. The décor is a touch modern hunting lodge, and there's an… Continue reading Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery, Vancouver, Canada