chickpea shake

Chickpea Shake: Light Meal or Post-Workout Nutrition

I thought up of this shake this past weekend when I wanted a light lunch packed with nutrients. The weekends are typically my recovery days, when I don't workout, so I tend to eat lighter lunches then. This shake is full of carbs, protein and fiber, so it's also good post-workout food. Chickpeas are filling,… Continue reading Chickpea Shake: Light Meal or Post-Workout Nutrition

pumpkin juice

Raw Pumpkin Juice

If you get your nose close to an open pumpkin, you'll notice it smells like melon. We had a hunk of pumpkin that had been sitting in the fridge for a while, and, breathing in that melon scent, I thought, why not juice it? That turned out to be a great idea. I cut the… Continue reading Raw Pumpkin Juice

avocado puree

Cooking Tip: Freeze Ripe Avocados

I discovered something by accident the other day: If you freeze a large, bordering on overly ripe avocado (the kind of big ones that grow in tropical areas), when you defrost it, the flesh will naturally come out like a puree. This takes almost no effort. Once you're frozen avocado is defrosted, cut it open… Continue reading Cooking Tip: Freeze Ripe Avocados

local produce Fiji

Local Produce–Right Around the Corner

In Fiji, it's easy to have direct access to the people growing produce. Many people have kitchen gardens, and there is a permanent market in downtown Suva by the waterfront where locals can sell what they grow. We were walking our dogs recently, and right around the corner--literally--was a little table with vegetables in a… Continue reading Local Produce–Right Around the Corner

The Veggie Way platter

Fast-Food Recommendation: The Veggie Way, Suva, Fiji

Govinda, my favorite Indian vegetarian fast-food place in Suva, is closed on Sunday, but I was craving that kind of food, so we tried The Veggie Way off the food court in Damodar Plaza. This Hare Krishna stall cooks up veggie deliciousness. The open-air location has only two tables, but you can find other seats… Continue reading Fast-Food Recommendation: The Veggie Way, Suva, Fiji