Bacon potato lettuce frittata

Frittata with Bacon, Potato and Lettuce

Frittatas are good to make for weekend brunch, when you have more time to do prep. Feel free to get creative. The basics are a lot of eggs and some dairy. Other than that, let your palate guide you. Ingredients: 2 medium potatoes, chopped into cubes 4-6 bacon slices, chopped 1-3 stalks lettuce, chopped 10… Continue reading Frittata with Bacon, Potato and Lettuce

Sleepy John Estes by Aileen Torres Bennett
Art, Music

Listen: Diving Duck Blues

  I've started playing around with a USB microphone and Audacity. So much fun. Here's my first recording with this setup. There's audible hiss and a bit of echo, but I like the rawness of the sound. Reminds me of old recordings. This is a cover of "Diving Duck Blues" (1929), a song by the… Continue reading Listen: Diving Duck Blues

chicken rice porridge

Chicken Rice Porridge

I was inspired to do a take on congee, which is Chinese rice porridge. My porridge is on the drier side, but you can control the moisture level with the amount of water according to your preference. The flavor base is the chicken broth, and soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil round out the profile.… Continue reading Chicken Rice Porridge



I love dumplings. I haven't made them in a long while, and it popped into my head to make them on a weeknight. Dumplings are easy to make. Plus, they look impressive, and, if you make them right, they're very tasty. Hubby had the idea to do a combo fry-steam, meaning frying the dumplings first… Continue reading Dumplings

Chicken pumpkin potato leftover fries

What to Do with Leftover Fries

We recently had leftover fries from takeout, and hubby had the idea to add them last minute to a dish I was baking with chicken and pumpkin and potato chunks. When the dish was close to being cooked, we laid the fries on top to crisp them up. They complement the colors of the dish… Continue reading What to Do with Leftover Fries