pineapple in garden Fiji
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Pineapple Harvest

Our gardener planted pineapples in our yard about two years ago, and the first fruit finally appeared a few months ago. It turns out it's pretty easy to plant pineapple: You simply take the green top and stick it in the ground. We practice low-key gardening: no fertilizers; just a reliance on nature's basics: native… Continue reading Pineapple Harvest

puppy potty training yard

First Week with New Puppy

Our Fijian neighbor's dog had a litter of pups recently. They knew we wanted what the locals call "sausage dogs"--they look like a mix between a corgi and a dachshund--so when one of their sausages had babies, they kindly gave us a puppy. We got the pup at about four weeks old. She's a tiny… Continue reading First Week with New Puppy