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Vegetarian Takeout from Downtown Suva

We went downtown to get our speargun fixed for an upcoming trip in Fiji, and we picked up some good vegetarian takeout while we were there. On the other end of the block across from the cinema, there's a food court on the second level. It's stocked with stalls that offer pretty much the same… Continue reading Vegetarian Takeout from Downtown Suva

Swagat Suva Fiji

Restaurant Recommendation: Swagat, Suva, Fiji

We were invited to lunch this past weekend at Swagat, an Indian restaurant on the second level of Flagstaff Plaza in Suva, Fiji. I really like Indian food for its unique and savory spice mixes. Swagat's menu is extensive, with vegetarian and meat offerings. I started the meal with a mango lassi, a yogurt-based shake,… Continue reading Restaurant Recommendation: Swagat, Suva, Fiji

chorizo paratha

Chorizo Mix and Guacamole on Parathas

Parathas are an Indian flatbread with plenty of ghee to give them a delectable flavor with a somewhat gooey texture. I made up a fusion dish, like an Indian deconstructed burrito, or an Indian flatbread/Mexican pizza. Fun stuff. You can't get crumbly chorizo in Fiji, only the sausage kind, so I blitzed it in the… Continue reading Chorizo Mix and Guacamole on Parathas


Restaurant Recommendation: Govinda, Suva, Fiji

Govinda is an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Suva, Fiji. It's become my favorite takeout place in the city. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do eat a lot of veggies every day. The vegetarian dishes are so good at Govinda, they make even a meat lover like me happy. Whoever's doing the cooking is doing… Continue reading Restaurant Recommendation: Govinda, Suva, Fiji


Coconut Curry Lentils with Chicken

Indian food is a major cuisine in Fiji. Inspired by recent visits to a local Indian restaurant, I created this lentil-based dish with chicken. If you're vegan, simply leave out the chicken; the dish will still have plenty of flavor from the curry and coconut milk. I added some butter as a nod to the… Continue reading Coconut Curry Lentils with Chicken