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Planting Coleus

We have a lot of coleus growing in our tropical garden. This is one of my faves because the plant's spring green and mauve colors make it stand out. During growth spurts, it shoots out thin flowering stalks that bloom a lovely lavender. I recently pulled up a planting from a pot that was getting… Continue reading Planting Coleus

white rum cocktail

White Rum Cocktail

We have a citrus tree in our yard that grows a fruit the Fijians call moli (pronouned MOH-lee). It looks like a lime. I made a cocktail with it using white rum. Ingredients: 1 finger of white rum 1/2 lime 1 tsp. sugar 4 dashes of aromatic bitters ice cubes to fill a cocktail glass

Fiji puppy Jolene

Puppy Update

It's been three weeks since we brought our new puppy, Jolene, into our home. She had two solid weeks of progress with a set routine, but we experienced a drawback for a few days. We got a home juicer recently, and I save the veggie pulp to add easy nutrition to dishes. I started mixing… Continue reading Puppy Update

Swagat Suva Fiji

Restaurant Recommendation: Swagat, Suva, Fiji

We were invited to lunch this past weekend at Swagat, an Indian restaurant on the second level of Flagstaff Plaza in Suva, Fiji. I really like Indian food for its unique and savory spice mixes. Swagat's menu is extensive, with vegetarian and meat offerings. I started the meal with a mango lassi, a yogurt-based shake,… Continue reading Restaurant Recommendation: Swagat, Suva, Fiji

young papaya tree Fiji fruit
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Growing Papaya

Our gardener planted some papaya seeds, and I'm amazed at how quickly a tree has grown from them. It's already about 7 ft. tall after less than half a year. The process is so simple: When you eat a papaya, scoop the black seeds out, give them time to dry, them plant them in the… Continue reading Growing Papaya