Chai Chef Suva Fiji chicken dumplings

Restaurant Recommendation: Chai Chef, Suva, Fiji

Chai Chef has been around for about a year. It's located in Flagstaff Plaza in Suva, Fiji. It's been on our radar, and we finally tried the food there for the first time after a sunset walk along the seawall. The food we ordered was excellent: chicken dumplings and two dry-noodle dishes topped with beef… Continue reading Restaurant Recommendation: Chai Chef, Suva, Fiji

avocado puree

Cooking Tip: Freeze Ripe Avocados

I discovered something by accident the other day: If you freeze a large, bordering on overly ripe avocado (the kind of big ones that grow in tropical areas), when you defrost it, the flesh will naturally come out like a puree. This takes almost no effort. Once you're frozen avocado is defrosted, cut it open… Continue reading Cooking Tip: Freeze Ripe Avocados

Fresh coconut milk and rourou for palusami.
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Video: Fijian Lovo

  Giving you a remix, folks. We celebrated American Thanksgiving in Fiji in November 2019. I did a previous post about it, but I wasn't satisfied with the look of the gallery, so I made a video slideshow to better illustrate the lovo. For a higher resolution version, go to my YouTube page.

pumpkin wahoo rice

Pumpkin and Wahoo Rice

You might be asking, what's wahoo? It's a meaty white fish that's common in Fiji. I sliced up some wahoo into chunks and tossed it with roasted pumpkin and brown rice for a hearty and healthy dish. Oh, and I sprinkled in a generous amount of garlic salt. We bought a big jug of it,… Continue reading Pumpkin and Wahoo Rice

chick pea and smoked trout salad
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Chickpea and Smoked Trout Salad

It's austral summer here in the South Pacific, and we marked the start of the season by kayaking to Mosquito Island outside of Suva. For our picnic lunch on the beach, I made a simple salad with two cans of chick peas, one can of Trader Joe's smoked trout and a handful of sliced kalamata… Continue reading Chickpea and Smoked Trout Salad