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Medusa–Kingston, Jamaica

My husband and I rarely go out to eat in Jamaica. When we do, Medusa, a bar and grill on Old Hope Rd. in Kingston, is on our list. Open-air seating allows you to enjoy the very pleasant cool winter evenings in JA, and if you arrive early evening, you won't have to endure the… Continue reading Medusa–Kingston, Jamaica

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Margaritaville–Montego Bay, Jamaica

My husband and I like to travel off the beaten path, but I have no trouble enjoying the usual tourist schlock. When we were in Negril, on the western coast of Jamaica, for a few days after New Year's, we stopped by Margaritaville in Montego Bay on the drive home. It's about a 4.5-hour trip… Continue reading Margaritaville–Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Jamaican Patties

I love Jamaican patties. I love to inhale their scrumptious scent. I love biting into a warm one. I love scraping up the crumbs. If you're in Jamaica, head to Juici Patties or Tastee to get them. They're great any time of day. I'm not sure of the ingredients, other than the meat filling. I… Continue reading Jamaican Patties

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Baked Lobster With Garlic Butter

I never bought lobster before I moved to Jamaica. I considered it too expensive. Now that my husband and I dive often here, we're enjoying the culinary benefits. Last weekend, we went diving with some friends in Port Royal, a historic town outside of Kingston, Jamaica. We caught some lobster and baked it in the… Continue reading Baked Lobster With Garlic Butter

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Boston Bay: The Home of Jamaican Jerk

My husband and I like to drive the southern coastal route to Port Antonio, which is on the northeast coast of Jamaica. When the sun is shining throughout the drive--and the sun shines often in JA--the views are eye-popping. This route takes you through Boston Bay, a hot spot for surfers, as well as the… Continue reading Boston Bay: The Home of Jamaican Jerk