Fiji_Illustration by Aileen Torres Bennett
Adventure, Art, essay

The First Year in Fiji

It's been a little over a year since we moved to Fiji. It was not a smooth transition. I arrived with a certain set of expectations that the initial reality did not live up to. Moving to a new environment blurs the boundaries of your world. You are forced to deal with new situations that… Continue reading The First Year in Fiji

Awakening to the Dead by Aileen Torres Bennett
Adventure, Art, essay, Music

Awakening to the Dead

I was not a Grateful Dead fan when I was growing up. It took years, and my marriage, to change my mind. In high school, I used to associate the band with ne'er-do-wells. They wore a uniform of tie-dye t-shirts with shorts and Birkenstocks and exuded an attitude of marijuana-induced “chillness.” They didn’t seem to… Continue reading Awakening to the Dead