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City Spotlight: San Francisco, Take 2

We visited San Francisco again for a few days on our way to our new home in Fiji (more Fiji news in upcoming posts, of course!). I love San Francisco and wanted to return after our wonderful trip there last September. We stayed for about a week last fall, and when we came back to… Continue reading City Spotlight: San Francisco, Take 2

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Qualicum Bay, BC, Canada

I haven't drawn in a while, so I happily got pen and paper out and created the drawing above as a memento of our recent trip to Qualicum Bay, about a half-hour drive from the Nanaimo ferry terminal on Vancouver Island. Qualicum Beach is where most travelers stay, but we found a better cottage rental… Continue reading Qualicum Bay, BC, Canada


Jamaica Farewell

It's our last week in Jamaica, and, naturally, I feel reflective. This is our first diplomatic tour, and, I must say, we got lucky. Jamaica is a tropical island nation close to the States, with English as the language (although patois can be hard to understand). It certainly became a home after living here for… Continue reading Jamaica Farewell