kayaking Waidroka Bay
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Postcard from: Waidroka Bay, Fiji

We went to another yoga retreat at Waidroka Bay Resort this past weekend. After a morning session of yoga and brunch, I took out a kayak. Both dogs get excited and love to jump on watercraft when they see us on them. It's fun having them on a kayak, but it's also challenging. Guthrie isn't… Continue reading Postcard from: Waidroka Bay, Fiji

chick pea and smoked trout salad
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Chickpea and Smoked Trout Salad

It's austral summer here in the South Pacific, and we marked the start of the season by kayaking to Mosquito Island outside of Suva. For our picnic lunch on the beach, I made a simple salad with two cans of chick peas, one can of Trader Joe's smoked trout and a handful of sliced kalamata… Continue reading Chickpea and Smoked Trout Salad


Key Largo

If you're looking at the photo above, you're probably thinking something's a little off. The scene is beautiful, but the photo's slightly lopsided. Essentially, that sums up my experience of the three weeks we spent in Key Largo. We booked a house rental online, attracted to its location right on the beach. The photos were great.… Continue reading Key Largo


Road Trip to Treasure Beach, Jamaica: Pelican Bar

We awoke to the strong rays of early morning sunlight, eager to start our day. The plan was to drive to Parrottee Beach so that we could launch our kayak and paddle to Pelican Bar, situated on the water. Breakfast was, again, a surprisingly good meal. We ordered the mackerel rundown, a local dish of… Continue reading Road Trip to Treasure Beach, Jamaica: Pelican Bar

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Kayaking Goat Islands, Jamaica

The Goat Islands seem remote because you have to drive through narrow dirt roads and sugar cane fields to get there. It's a scenic country drive once you get off the main drag. The site has become a battleground of sorts because China Harbour Engineering plans to build a megaport on the islands, which are… Continue reading Kayaking Goat Islands, Jamaica