ground chicken quesadillas

Ground Chicken Quesadillas

Mexican cuisine is one of my faves because it's very high on the savory quotient, and certain dishes are relatively easy to cook at home. I haven't made quesadillas in a long time, and I was inspired to cook them for a weeknight meal. A note on serving: There's more than one way to dish… Continue reading Ground Chicken Quesadillas

chorizo paratha

Chorizo Mix and Guacamole on Parathas

Parathas are an Indian flatbread with plenty of ghee to give them a delectable flavor with a somewhat gooey texture. I made up a fusion dish, like an Indian deconstructed burrito, or an Indian flatbread/Mexican pizza. Fun stuff. You can't get crumbly chorizo in Fiji, only the sausage kind, so I blitzed it in the… Continue reading Chorizo Mix and Guacamole on Parathas

Mexican inspired rice

Mexican-Inspired Rice

We've had the remnants of a bag of freekeh in the pantry for several months, and I had the idea to mix it with brown rice for a Mexican-style dish with ground beef. Freekeh is a nutritious, dense, whole grain that's full of fiber. It hasn't broken into the mainstream yet, but do keep it… Continue reading Mexican-Inspired Rice

Carmela's huarache Arcata California
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Restaurant Recommendation: Carmela’s, Arcata, California

We spent most of June in the U.S., including two weeks doing an epic road trip up the iconic Highway 101, starting from Mountain View, California and making our way eventually to Seattle, Washington. One of the things I love about going back to the States is access to a variety of good food from… Continue reading Restaurant Recommendation: Carmela’s, Arcata, California