Payten & Jones Chardonnay Yarra Valley Australia
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Slideshow: Yarra Valley Wineries

Highlights from a day tour of the Yarra Valley

Sassafras Shade Vineyard White Chambourcin

Vino Recommendation: White Chambourcin, Sassafras Shade Vineyard

About five years ago, we drove to Virginia's wine country for a day trip. One of the bottles we brought back traveled with us to Fiji, and we finally opened it over the weekend. I wasn't expecting much because we don't temperature control our stored wines, and the humidity of the tropics has not been… Continue reading Vino Recommendation: White Chambourcin, Sassafras Shade Vineyard

Big Boys Zinfandel

Vino Recommendation: Big Boys Zinfandel

The first time I saw this bottle at a wine shop in Suva, I just had to buy it. The illustration is so fun and well done. Instantly entertaining just by looking at the label. Big Boys is a zin from Italy, and, as its name suggests, it's a big, jammy red that's fruit forward… Continue reading Vino Recommendation: Big Boys Zinfandel

Green Fin wine

Vino Recommendation: Green Fin Red

Our second shipment of goods from the U.S. arrived a few weeks ago, and we pulled out one of the bottles of wine that we bought from Trader Joe's. The label is Green Fin, from Napa Valley, California, and it's marketed as a red table wine, so I'm guessing it's a blend instead of one… Continue reading Vino Recommendation: Green Fin Red

Sergio Rosso Puglia organic wine

Vino Recommendation: Sergio Rosso Puglia Organic Wine

I've had organic wine only a few times so far. I don't normally seek it out, but there was a bottle with a good sale price (only about $11 USD) at a local liquor store in Suva, so I wanted to try it. The wine is a red from the Puglia region of Italy, and… Continue reading Vino Recommendation: Sergio Rosso Puglia Organic Wine